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Passionate Electronic Artist
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Jack Maloney, Known Better As His Stage Name (Jr Serpent) Is A 15 Year Old Electronic Artist From Australia. Before Jack changed his stage name to JR Serpent he was once known as JCM. He first Started Making Simple Beats In Garageband In Early 2013 (Aged 8) With His Ever Track Being (Slow Motion), He Then Switched Over To Fl Studio In Late 2016 (Yellow When Dark). He Shows No Slowing Down, Pushing Towards His 8th Year Of Production. Jack Has Been Recognized By Many Record Labels Over The Years, Such As Ninety9Lives And Future House Music.


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Genres And Styles

Jack Makes Sure There Is Something For Everyone To Enjoy When It Comes To Listening To His Music.

Genres He Mostly Produces

If You're A New Listener Or Supporter You Might Notice That He Does Different Genres With Every Release.

Jack Mainly Produces Melodic Dubstep And Bass House As He Can Easily Put A Meaning To Any Of His Creations With Those Two Genres


Chipstep (Dubstep), GameStep (Melodic Dubstep), Bounce (Bass House), MemeStep (Any genre) And LoveShots (EDM And Dubstep Combined)

All Styles Above Are His Own Creation Of Styles.


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Contact Info

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Mail: jrserpent@gmail.com
Neoncity21@gmail.com (Submission of Demo's For Record Label)